CONVULSIF rock, no wave, drone, grindcore, doom
Convulsif is a bass (sinister) and drums (diabolic) and a bass clarinet (vicious) and a violin (fierce). Yes, fierce, don’t let your little sister’s violin lessons trick you, classical instruments have an evil side, this band gives proof. Convulsif is dark and surprisingly addictive. A quartet of mad experimental extremists,Convulsif hunts down the perfect delirium made from doom, noise and drone, nightmarish, repetitive, ritualized. Relentlessly they take possession of your cortex and brand it with their monolithic sound. The band doesn’t fit in pre-established categories with their ultra complex, demanding and intense pieces. Why would you want to do something else if you can listen to Convulsif and go for a little walk in the cemetery with an axe ?
Line up :
Loïc Grobéty – bass, vocals
Christian Müller – bass clarinet, electronic
Jamasp Jhabvala – violin, electronic
Maxime Hänsenberger – drum

OLO – Immersive drone ambient and powerfull sonor landscape
A whisper in the night, the sound of rain on ice, a swirling storm that makes the strongest white fir trees sway, the cracking of the frozen lake and its winter song, as well as the flow of lava followed by powerful detonations of the Fagradalsfjall volcano.
Nature takes over and you are invited on a journey of contrasting sounds. It is a bridge between the lunar landscapes of Iceland and the rough and uncompromising continental climate of the Vallée de Joux. The pieces of « Sombre » offer his current sound vision. They are intended to be dark and cinematic to present epic, powerful, avant-garde drone, doom and noise soundscapes.

A cordes perdues – contrebasse solo, drone acoustique & objets
« le silence, la résilience, l’introspection, la poésie, les bruissements… » J’y présente mes explorations acoustiques avec des influences qui vont de la musique contemporaine, au jazz en passant par la force du death metal et l’abstraction sonore de l’improvisation. La répétition et le développement microphonique crée une arborescence sonore chaotique ou harmonieuse. Le bois centenaire de ma grand-mère rentre en vibration afin de créer des battements de type électronique le tout exécuté à deux archets avec l’apport d’objets. Une revisite de cet instrument classique en utilisant des techniques étendues pour un résultat novateur.


I work on different projects depending on the meetings and the periods. I am as active in the large ensemble The Insub Meta Orchestra – IMO. I am on projects with Swiss and International improvisation or conceptual musicians like : olo.wicz  Myrmek

Llama/OLO (drone, noise)
Wood (ambiant, jazz)
Amorce (abstract hip-hop)
Arythmatic (abstract hip-hop)
Marc Jufer Immersion (modern jazz)
Primasch (balkan, punk)
Spook (experimental, noise, grindcore)
Enigmatik (death/black metal)
Daigoro (grind)

OLO – Neige Noire – Nocturne série#1

OLO – Neige Noire – Nocturne série#2

LLAMA/OLO – Hong Kong 2019

CONVULSIF – Torn From The Stone 2020

CONVULSIF – The Axe Will Break 2020

A Cordes Perdues – La grange de Jean-Philippe Henchoz, 2022 Le Brassus