Convulsif is a bass (sinister) and drums (diabolic) and a bass clarinet (vicious) and a violin (fierce). Yes, fierce, don’t let your little sister’s violin lessons trick you, classical instruments have an evil side, this band gives proof. Convulsif is dark and surprisingly addictive. A quartet of mad experimental extremists,Convulsif hunts down the perfect delirium made from doom, noise and drone, nightmarish, repetitive, ritualized. Relentlessly they take possession of your cortex and brand it with their monolithic sound. The band doesn’t fit in pre-established categories with their ultra complex, demanding and intense pieces. Why would you want to do something else if you can listen to Convulsif and go for a little walk in the cemetery with an axe ?
Line up :
Loïc Grobéty – bass, vocals
Christian Müller – bass clarinet, electronic
Jamasp Jhabvala – violin, electronic
Maxime Hänsenberger – drum

In 2016, he released his K7 ” Cri ” which included harshnoise and black metal works, on the labels Underground Pollution and Get a Life. Years of touring and intense collaborations followed, before moving back to introspection and composition in 2020. The pieces of “Sombre” offer his current sound vision. They are intended to be dark and cinematic to present epic, powerful, avant-garde drone, doom and noise soundscapes.

Myrmek is the duo project of Christian Müller (bass clarinet & electronics) and Loïc Grobéty (bass). They met by chance in the field of reductionist collective impro. But the breaks between the rehearsals led them to coffee and cookies, to talks about distortions, severe amplification, to listen together music of the Swans, Meshuggah, Steamboat Switzerland, Iannis Xenakis … The interest in massive sounds led them to a musical research in a distinct musical world, that mixes two schools together: On one side the dust of the road to the beer station of Metal, Rock & Doom, on the other side the art and sharpness of contemporary electronic music. Myrmek focuses on a complex layered music. A journey into a dark mix of slow metal sounds and gloomy soundsculptures.
Line up :
Christian Müller : electronic
Loïc Grobéty : bass & electronic

I work on different projects depending on the meetings and the periods. I am as active in the large ensemble The Insub Meta orchestra (IMO) as I am on projects with Swiss and International improvisation or conceptual musicians such as Llama/OLO and others.

Amorce (abstract hip-hop)
Arythmatic (abstract hip-hop)
Marc Jufer Immersion (modern jazz)
Primasch (balkan, punk)
Spook (experimental, noise, grindcore)
Enigmatik (death/black metal)
Daigoro (grind)

Torn from the stone – Convulsif – Extinct

AMORCE live 2018 – Bête Patiente

Convulsif live 2015

Llama/OLO – Hong Kong noise session 2019